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Atlantic Security Leading Provider of Two – Way!

Monitronics is the industry leader in two-way, interactive audio voice verification. That’s a fancy way of saying that, when your security system’s alarm is activated, it allows for live, hands-free communication with one of our monitoring center operators from anywhere in your home. (Two-way voice verification is an essential component of modern alarm system technology, but many of our competitors don’t offer it.)

Through a hands-free, two-way speaker system, you can talk with the Monitronics monitoring center to alert us of your emergency or situation. Because you’re the only one who can activate the system, your privacy is maintained – and you’re in charge, because Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification can’t happen unless you choose to initiate the system or the alarm is triggered.

When an active alarm is triggered, or when you choose to activate the interactive audio system, you are quickly connected to the Monitronics Monitoring Center who can react to your call and stay with you through the whole event.

Our monthly monitoring rates start at $24.95 a month.   This is for customers that have an existing system in good working order, and our technicians are able to reprogram it and get it on line.   A one-time activation charge of $99 is applied.